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The Infiltrator configuration is design for those situation were concealment is a must.  A perfect holster for non permissive environments where non traditional carry methods may be used.  Perfect for office wear the ulticlip3 can be clipped to your waistband with your belt covering the clip.  The Ulticlip3 can also be used to mount a holster to a briefcase or purse making the holster conducive to off body carry.

Whether concealing your firearm with business dress or more casual clothing the Infiltrator can help you conceal your firearm more effectively.  One of the more creative solutions is to mount the holster to cowboy boots making the Infiltrator a boot holster for your back up gun.  If you find yourself needing a creative solution for your CCW checkout the Infiltrator.

*When worn attached to the waistband the infiltrator will not get support from the belt.  The Ulticlip3 is not designed to be attached over a belt.  For best results wear the holster with a tight waistband.